Wednesday, March 12, 2008 much to blog, but quite literally, so little time.  Days and nights are running together, going by slowly, yet quickly.  I am officially in the new mom vortex again, but I have a two year old with me this time making things very interesting at times.

Bradie is doing pretty well, but I think holding some emotions back judging by the ferocious tantrum she had before bed last night.  But over all she is doing splendidly.

Beau is a pretty content little baby and appreciates a hiatus in his bouncy seat after a time of cuddles.  He's on a three hour schedule that he pretty much set himself.  His alert time the past couple of nights has been lessening which *hopefully* will begin his sorting out of day and night- little turkey thinks a three hour nap is a good thing first thing in the morning but not the last thing at night! :)  But all to be expected I suppose.  

Now I am REALLY unsure of what I did with my time before!  Grandma Mary always asks me "so do you remember what you did with your time before Bradie?"  I always answer definitely not and that answer has only become more emphatic.  But God has allowed me the cutest, most lovable (and quite possibly, the biggest) kids ever!  And I know that my time with them will never be in vain.  And that is the peace and blessing of motherhood.

Beau weighed 9 pounds 10.5 ounces on Sunday.  That's 8 ounces gained in less than a week! (his low was 9#2 for those who like baby stats) I bravely stepped on the scale myself that Sunday and found I was 20 pounds lighter in one week!

*cue dramatic music* 

So...that makes you, Sara, this week's biggest loser 

*cut to commercial break*


Maggie said...

Way to go! I loved the BL reference. It is always good to loose weight easily-while you can get it!

ellen b. said...

Yes and we would have gone to commericial break just before you could tell us you lost 20 pounds amazing! You are the biggest loser! blessings...

Cara Grube :) said...

Glad to hear things are going well Sara Ü

I want to see more pictures of that handsome little man!

I'm Erin Leigh said...

Congrats. I think you are a wonderful blogger. I love the biggest loser... You definitely won the weigh in for the whole year!!! You rock. I love your views on motherhood... they are so eloquently stated. It's such a special time!!! Reading your blog right now totally made my day... thanks!