Saturday, April 26, 2008

If you don't know, Marcus' CT scan was normal and his blood levels are back within normal range!  Woohoo!  He is, however, going to proceed and do some chemotherapy as we were giving the option.

Why would anyone subject themselves to chemo, you might ask?

It lowers the reoccurrence rate of cancer by quite a few percentages.  And if his cancer were to reoccur he would have no choice but to do a more powerful form of chemotherapy. So we're thinking lets nip these bastards in bud with a single course of carboplatin while things are sitting so pretty.

Let's see what else... I dug into my backyard a little bit.  I went to Ace today and picked up some garden soil and some plant thingys.  Not quite sure what I am doing.  Maybe I'll post some pics if I have success.  I transplanted a hydrangea we received from the "we're sorry bad things happen" committee at Marcus' school.  It's been in a pot for almost a year and is finally at rest. It's name is Carl.    Then just a week ago we received a bush with tiny pink flowers and dark green leaves.  I lost the care tag, but no matter, this plants name is Teste.  Hopefully, plants from here on out will be purchased and planted in celebration.  And hopefully the plants survive as they have names and I am growing more attached by the minute.

Did I mention adding another child to your life is really hard?  So hard sometimes that teeth brushing feels like a pampering accomplishment.  Its exhausting.  I spend literally all day preventing Beau's death.  The verbally underequipped find release of their tension in squeezing tiny toes, cheeks and noses.  Bradie's favorite activity is helping "burp" her brother whereby she gets in a few good wollups on his back.  I am actually looking forward to the day he grabs onto her hair with purpose and gives a sturdy yank.  At least I'll get to scold him too!  That may sound sick, but its because you only have one child or yours have reached a reasoning age.

But don't worry.  I have my dirt piles now.  And UV rays.  This combination may very well keep the Prozac at bay. 


ellen b. said...

Great news about Marcus!
Yep! We are born sinners and the little ones are really good sinners too :)
I know this might not be a good time to hear this, but, having three was easier than having two.

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Man, I strive and struggle in the plant department also. I strive to plant things each year, and then struggle to keep them alive for the remainder of the season. I'm going to try naming them also...that was a good idea!

I'm Erin Leigh said...

i transplanted a hydrangea too this year. Hopefully they both live to be strong and beautiful. I love reading your blog... you're a great writer!

jl said...

the sun'll come out tomorrow...hang in there. you're doing a good job. brushing your teeth every once in awhile proves it. :) - dl