Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy long weekend and happy Memorial Day!

We find ourselves thankful and relieved for Marcus to be done with his second and final dose of chemotherapy.  He got a prescription of Zofran at the hospital this time and was told to take it along with ALL the other anti-nauseas....hmm, why someone didn't mention earlier that you could take them all in combination is baffling to us, but we don't care.  We are just thrilled no cookies were tossed!

Grandma Janie and Papa Dave also spent the weekend with us which is always super fun and a big relief for me, especially not knowing how the chemo would settle with Marcus this time.  Bradie LOVES her Grandma and Papa!   Brad also had dinner with us (always shows up at dinner time, its the strangest thing) and helped us to procure some Josh Ritter tickets for this summer.  I am not totally sold on Josh Ritter, so I am sure the concert will help push me into fan status.  

Let's see... oh, Bradie is *trying* to potty train.  She did really well and had kind of a meltdown and now we're back to yelling at the mere mention of the potty.  I've heard it can be a step forward/step back process, so I am trying to be patient and wise.  And as helpful as Grandma was with pottying Bradie, I think having an "audience" might have been too much?? AHHHH! I don't know what I am doing!  I find myself questioning my choices with parenting all the time and worrying that my daughter will one day discuss her "mommy issues" with Dr. Phil!  Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but everything feels so major sometimes with a two year old.  

And Beau.  The kid is a peach.  A fuzzy, smiley, squishy peach.  And he's doing this almost laugh thing that sounds like Goofey.  I love him. He's worth missing out on all the dairy products in the world! Yeah, the kid poops green otherwise, which is lame.  

I will end with some ghetto facts:
The smaller the yard, the bigger the dog.
It is strangely quiet on Indy weekend.
Malt liquor is a fine choice for hydration while watching small children.

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ellen b. said...

I'm so glad they got the medication right this time. Your new header is priceless. Umm about the neighborhood, remember I survived that very similar neighborhood environment and am a happy, joyful, thankful person today...
And I don't drink Malt liquor....I prefer the pricier more refined choices...