Wednesday, October 15, 2008

does this sound braggy?

Bradie had her three year check up yesterday and ROCKED IT!  She was a studdette about all the little steps and didn't even cry for her shot...okay she shed some tears afterwards but I was SO proud!  She is a shade under 38 inches tall and weighs 31 pounds- 60th for height and weight...perfectly proportionate! 

Oh yes and then there's Beau.  He CLIMBED onto my aerobics steps!  I hear some strange cooing and go out to see him on his belly on the six inch step.  Yesterday pulled up two or three times on various objects, one of them being our bottom stair!! Um, is this early?  It sure as heck feels like it.  Kid's barely 7.5 months old!  

Marcus is doing better each day.  He has concluded that getting an apple removed from the barrel is far easier that wisdom teeth extraction.  Perhaps it is because cancer seems to allow you the choice and inspiration to be a hero throughout it all.  Darn that Lance and his yellow bracelets.  A little Zofran and you can eat M&M's!  

Sorry...I think I am tired or something.

Peace out.


ellen b. said...

Brag all you want, isn't that an underlying perk of blogging...

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

I heart you! Hey, just curious...did you get our invitation for this weekend? I'm unsure if I sent it to the correct address.

Talk to ya soon!

I'm Erin Leigh said...

Wow... he is moving early. He's gonna be up those stairs before you know it! Way to go Bradie for rockin' your MD apt.!