Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here you go Mom.  She always calls me when things quiet down and reminds me to post something.
She was mad because I wouldn't give her the lens I just took off the camera.
I know the snot is totally gross but this is a typical Beau shot here and one I've been trying to capture forever.  Thank you colds and open mouth breathing!
Here's Bradie in a silk slip she unearthed from my drawers.  Her latest thing is to wear my stuff. In my t-shirts she looks like a Hogwarts reject.

With a tape (yes, I still live in 1990) in VCR for LOST, I am off to Narnia and then to bed.  I just finished The Magician's Nephew and will begin The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe tonight! LOVE IT!


I'm Erin Leigh said...

I was totally thinking about reading those next. I'm reading twilight now but am so tired I on;y get through about 15 pages at a time before I fall asleep :)

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Bradie is turning into quite the young lady! She is so grown up and such a pretty girl!!! And Beau is just the sweetest little guy...I wish I could smooch those little cheeks! I always look forward to your updates! Love ya!

Christy said...

are you sure she was not mad because you put a bow in her hair??
great pics!
Love the snot!

tiger said...