Sunday, February 15, 2009

To OUR friend, Tiny Pink Blankie:
thank you for the timeless snuggles even after you became scratchy when mommy washed you with Oxi Clean.
You were our favorite pretend prop, excellent for swaddling dollies and monkeys as well as being held in place with a crown when we play "married".
You smelled like morning breath that ONLY a mother can love.
You made parenting easier when the overtired stage was reached.
You were privvy to the Tokio weigh station jokes and our stops at the Moses Lake Burger King.
You watched Fairytopia and Clifford with her when I couldn't bear to.
I know it never hurt your feelings when people 
joked about how stinky and pathetic you became.  
I like to think at the final resurrection you will show up fresh, and a true Pink 
that will never fade :)
You never really got what the big deal was about that baby anyway...

Can you believe that I, a grown woman, am weeping as I type this?  I'm not sure I am cut out for this parenting gig... to see your child heart broken feels unbearable.  And this about a BLANKET for crying out loud!  What the heck I am going to do as Bradie gets older and the stakes get higher?!

Out the window it went on the interstate.  Marcus and I both did a down and back over the suspected section, but no luck.  Numbly I drove Bradie and myself to Edmonds to a baby boutique.  I was out of my mind and should have just went to Target here but I had to look myself... 

The amazing blessing is that she is really doing okay.  We are on night #2 and she even took a nap today with our new replacement.  But momma knows.  She's a little off.  So know I pray and watch and talk if she wants to, I suppose.  I'm a little sad I won't be able to pull the thing out when she's 20 and embarrass her with its funk and dingyness...

So with all deaths, even minideaths that we'll most likely chuckle over someday, I am looking for the teachable moment.  Maybe Bradie will understand in a deeper way the father's heart as he gazes over his land, looking for his wayward son in the distance.


Anonymous said...

It made me cry as I read the tiny blanket story. I know how much she loved it. Give Bradie a big hug from Grandma Sally. Love to all

Mark and Lori said...

You mean to tell me that thing was PINK!! and that you only had one? I am having the opposite problem as I have too many [wanted to make sure we had enough just in case and for washings ..] that we cannot get RID of them when we try.

This is a move on to what is to come as our kids grow up and give things up - sigh. Hang in there!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

I read this post out loud to Kory on my phone while running a quick errand with him yesterday and started weeping in the middle of it...he thought I was absolutely silly for getting emotional...but I can understand why us mamas are worried about what will happen when the stakes get higher. I think about my younger years...the heart breaks, disappointments, the tears shed over things that 'really' mattered and I ache with love because Avery and Jackson will feel those things too someday. The part about the prodigal son puts it all together...I love your writing.

On a side note, Jamie is 24 and still has her blankie. It's so disintegrated it's about a square foot in size now and is absolutely disgusting!

deena said...

i feel ya. :(

Cara Grube :) said...

Oh dear... little girls with broken hearts... so sad :(

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

I just read your comment on my blog and I realized...I really miss you! Wanna try and get together next week or something?

Jamie Alyssa said...

Just as I was about to comment about how I still sleep with my perfectly-in-great-shape blankie, my sister pulled the "older sister card", and did it for me.

Yes I still sleep with my blankie!! Bradie is more brave than me! I need to learn from her. Maybe Tiffany should buy me a replacement then =)