Saturday, May 9, 2009

I reckon you don't know the Sheriff of Cute. Beware folks he's not a crooked cop but he does have his price... bananas, yogurt and your cell phone might save your life should you dare to cross him. Here's a rare shot of him in his birthday uni. After the bottom photo was captured he actually said to me:

"Lady, you take one more shot of me and I will unload on this couch that is a promise!"

It is serious, Chuck Norris-grade cuteness.
There are so many things lately that have crossed my life and mind that I found myself saying to, uh, myself pay attention this is excellent blogfodder. All sorts of quips and nuggets... maybe I do need an iPod touch to record these wims... just kidding, Marcus!

First an update: Thanks to my dear husband and Maggie's frequently flying aunt, I was able to go to Spokane by myself a couple of weeks ago. There I met and snuggled the sweet Lucy baby. SO precious! But even more important I got spend many uninterrupted hours conversing with my dear Maggie. I always walk away from time with her enlightened and blessed- she has a great deal of wisdom and wonderful stories that she never seems too busy to share with me. I could go on and on about Maggie, but I might start to get a little sad that we are so far apart and flood the keyboard!

So what about today? The men folk in our small group decided to play some hoops and take the kids with them! A couple of the corresponding ladies and myself dined at a quaint restaurant in Snohomish and did some meandering. I didn't have to help either one of them finish their breakfasts nor watch them like hawks while in the antique stores- I can't tell you what I treat that is!

Then Marcus replaced one of our back gutters. This is huge. The old gutter produced a drip that sounded like a Barbie was outside hanging pictures in her dream house ALL NIGHT LONG! He had invaluable help from one of the men folk, Troy and I was able to make a dairy free Boston Cream Pie which is actually quite tasty. In case you are curious (Deena!) soy milk custard sets up quite nicely, although soy milked cakes STILL taste dry to me. Whatever. That chocolate top makes up for it. Marcus also found a screen door that fits our back slider and I will most likely have to give up my summer sport of fly swatting to actually scrap book or use my sewing machine.

Oh and Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there! I guess this made up holiday's not SO bad.



I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Happy mama's day to you! Very cute post of the Sheriff of Cute.

Maggie said...

I love nakes babies...wait can I say that? I also love you my dear friend and you also are full of wisdom and great stories and I can't wait for the time to arrive for me to be in your home for a couple of days. It's not that far away.