Monday, August 17, 2009

Marcus, Brad and David Gray...

were my favorite guys on the planet Saturday! I think that concert traditions are a good thing and everyone should start one. With our dear Brad, we have a wonderful tradition that involves David Gray. We went to our third show on Saturday and it was great! The guy just does not disappoint. The point and shoot digicam isn't robust enough for capturing much at night but I was able to use the timer thanks to two tupperwear containers and the Thermarest to capture us waiting on the grassy knoll and the people behind us before they were schnockered (I spelled that correctly the first time!)

Here's my chaco tan
It was an acoustic show. The performers were slightly dwarfed by the stage.
We really are this happy here. I had a hard time taking this picture and took a few that were mostly Brad and I.
This was to extinguish Marcus' jealousy over the cute pictures of Brad and I. Those who know Marcus well will recognize the position of his mouth and know he's mumbling some curmudgeon-y here.

So here's to tradition! Here's to Shows with Brad! Here's to David Gray and guitars and pianos! Viva!


ellen b. said...

Is this at Ste Michelle?! Such a fabulous concert venue!!

sara said...

Marymoor park

Mark and Lori said...

Love it!