Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The truth is that life is quite rich and it is only because of complacency and fear that I can never settle down to write about it. Right before bedtime, I read an emailed link from my friend Lori entitled The Invisible Woman. Its by Nicole Johnson and you can google it if you want as I don't feel like putting a link in right now. I barely made it through my six lullabies to Bradie without my voice quivering. The story sums up the plight of the Invisible Woman that she is not invisible at all, but that God does indeed see ALL that she does in her life for her family.

There are days-boy, are there days- where I don't "hear" one nice thing said to me. At all. There are days when I find myself immersed in infuriating battles of logic (or non-logic) with a four year old who has no idea the rules she's breaking are actually for her good and, most of the time, for her happiness as well. Somedays there's never any bull-free time in this China shop!

So the metaphor from The Invisible Woman crushes me. Cathedrals. Apparently no one knows who really built those great cathedrals because they took so painstakingly long to complete.

Many builders died before they saw their work complete.

And the thing I can barely grasp is that my current life's work may be exactly the same. No one "sees" me, no one "knows" all the details of it except for Him. And that raises up in me these feelings that I cannot name or much less contain quickly enough to express.

The comfort in this is that God is real. Really real. That truth makes "those days" actually make sense, and I am encouraged to pick it up again tomorrow because His mercies really are new everyday. There is no way that I can be sitting here in sweats, hair unwashed, glitter all over my kitchen floor, after a day of very little respect and be so...filled that I feel like I will explode if I don't say that my God is real. And He is good.


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Thank you.

I've been having these same feelings lately, and knowing the Lord is smiling down upon us (most of the time!!) as we raise these little ones makes 'those days' all worth it. I TOTALLY feel ya, sister! Thank you for putting into words these feelings I couldn't pinpoint and the awesomeness of the God we worship!!!

Love you!

ellen b. said...

Amen Girl! Well said...
We are precious in his sight...and yes we are in His sight!

Mark and Lori said...

You should link it - I bet others would really relate to it too! Yes, it is unseen by those outside our 4 walls - but not unseen by Him!

Maggie said...

Love you. Proud to be in the fight with you.

Christy said...

I should really read that article!
Your words are inspiring to this stay-at-home mom, in sweats, cookie dough all over my floor, poop overflowing out of diapers, 3 year old "crazy man" mama!

Janie said...

I will offer you some words of encouragement from someone who learned this lesson the hard way. I felt that I was lost in being a wife, a mother to Marcus & Caren and no idea who I was. And for a time, I lost my way. I looked in the wrong places for the validation that God gives us Mothers. He has given us a unique treasure in these days to be able to stay at home with the children He has blessed us with. So, hang on to Him and remember He has equipped you to run this race. One day, way too soon, you will take your little one to their first day of "real" school - Kindergarten. In a blink, it will be their first dance. Teaching them to drive, crying with them over broken hearts by some horrible person who did not recognize the treasure that your child is. And with pride you will watch as they graduate from high school and college. Then the day when they join their lives with another and your role in their lives changes. You will always be their mom but you gain another to love.

Sara, I am blessed that Marcus chose you to be his wife, the mother of my grandchildren and the woman of God you are. I love you. Treasure the memories you are building. It is worth every second!