Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a smidgeon

We have just completed day two of six of PRIDE training provided by the state. Tonight we talked about attachment and a little about Fetal Alcohol stuff. Did you know that one of the worst things you can do to a fetus is to drink and smoke? Worse than cocaine, heroine, even the toilet bowl that is meth. Both legal too. Very interesting. And the facial symptoms of FAA occur from alcohol abuse during days 19-23 of the pregnancy?

The trainers are capable, experienced and positive and EXCITED that so many people are their to earn their foster licenses. That is cool. It is also hard because I don't see us going this route at this point in our lives, so mentally wading through and keeping the right "lenses" on is a little taxing.

Grief abounds everywhere in this process. It is heavy and real. Losing a parent has tremendous effects on children. The intricacies of attachment to abusive situations feel beyond my experience and comfort in everyway...

and yet...

here we are.

"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you."

1Peter 5:6,7


Erin Leigh said...

I'm in awe of you... and this process. I think it's totally weird that I hardly know you and I seriously think about you often... creepy. Thanks for being my blog buddy!

sara said...

no no, Erin. I deserve no awe. I mean, I know what you mean, and TRUST me there are times when I am sitting on the floor being argued over by my current children who I am pretty sure I trying to kill each other and I think to myself "what am I thinking?! This is INSANE! I am not cut out to do any of this... I don't even deserve the lovely children I have now, etc." I am not proud to say that the list goes on. Fear and hope are often in the same breath.

I believe in God, that He is real and He is who He says He is sooo... I acknowledge there is an enemy as well.

I am pretty sure that that enemy does not want us adopting, teaching our kids to fear the Lord and read His Word as well as *gulp* "simply" staying married.

So not to get all hocus pocus or anything... But it is what is, you know?

So on the other side of the fears (lies) are the truths and more I keep walking this out, the more God's strength seeps into these fearful parts.

whoa...sorry I guess that should have been a post.

You do not creep me out, Erin! To know that you are thinking and praying for us is actually SO encouraging! THANK YOU!!!!

Amber Weiseth said...

Excited to see you guys moving forward. I am proud to call you my friend. Let's get together before the month is over.

koltonsmomma said...

I am new to the blog spot. I enjoyed reading this blog. My parents are foster parents in Texas. It is a true blessing to be a part of these kids lives. I would like to tell you something that my parents were told a long time ago. When you take these children in if you do not fall in love with them and treat them as your own, you have not done your job. My parents actually just recently adopted one of their foster children. We got him 6 days before he turned 1 and he just turned 8 in November. It was a long journey (his case was difficult) but in the end, the journey is priceless. Good luck to you! I am going to start following your blog, as I hope to read more soon!

koltonsmomma said...

So now I have to ask like an idiot, how do I follow you on your page?

joven said...

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claudete said...

hi dear! jesus bless you and your family!