Sunday, September 25, 2011

travelogue 2

Here it is, ma! So after three glorious days on the ocean, the m-fields packed up and met my sis and her brood and Sal up at Seatac to fly to Pennsylvania for my Uncle Bill's 70th birthday! We haven't made the trek to see this side of the fam since I was 17.... so many years, and children, ago. It was an eventful trip (can you say cancelled flight with five kids ages 3-10?) But they had good attitudes and we eventually made it out there the following day.

The rest of the trip kinda flew by, losing a day and all, and was pretty low-key, but turned out to be perfect. Here's my mom with her last living auntie Pauline, cousin Sandra and Uncle Bill on the right.
Here's the similar looking ladies of the Johnson clan :)
Here are the Mankamyers! Aunt Bonnie, cousin Scott with his bride Melissa, and Uncle Bill. The young ladies are my 2nd cousins that I SO enjoyed meeting. From the top down, they are Ally, Mia and Avery. They opened up their home, fed us, gave up their beds and busted out a 30 cup coffee percolator for our stay- all of which was much appreciated by us as we were given the clear directive from them that "mi casa es su casa"
Here's cousins enjoying some FRESH and DELICIOUS PA corn! Seriously money.
And here's cousin WWE. Seriously, it was such a blessing to have the kids be close enough in age that everyone got along and played super well together. I remember Marcus saying to Beau has he ran by "Beau! I haven't seen you all day!" Literally. Which, I'm not gonna lie, makes it almost like a true vacation for the parents too ;)
I don't want to leave anything out, so here's some bullets. I am not a big user of bullets but I thought my mom would appreciate these:)

-antiquing with sis and Auntie B
-CORN... and I am not even a corn lover!
-mountain pies....mmmm.... look it up :)
-reminiscing and really listening to others relish in their memories
-sharing stories of God's call and faithfulness
-old photos of Uncle Bill rollerskating

FYI, I got so into this post that I missed my oven timer and made a batch of hockey pucks instead of ginger snaps....ooops!


ellen b. said...

How great that you were able to make this trip. Sorry you happened to be there during the EARTHQUAKE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sara, Loved it. Sorry about your cookies. Love Mom

Christy said...

your ginger snaps were delicious! not hockey pucks at all!