Friday, May 25, 2012

Holy cow! Blogger is totally different! I had to like hover over stuff to see how to post pics and write.  I am a bad, bad blogger. I don't even think I should shame the name blogger, I am a lame wannabe who owns a blog.  I am that guy who lets his old Corvette get moldy outside...

Anyway, shalom! We welcomed our baby BOY 22 days ago... Brooks Abram Merrifield (Abram was Marcus' grandpa's middle name) born 5/3 at 11:14 am and was 11.5 pounds and 20.5 inches long!  He came into the world after about 7 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing- what a crazy train that is, natural labor, I mean! But I am so so thankful for the experience... and look how serene I look in this picture.  I really did feel quite serene actually.  My friend Marcus there was a perfect partner as these 10 years he's come to know me so well that he knows exactly what I need in times of, uh, stress.  Which is an understated cheerleader and someone who I can hold onto but won't touch me too much :)  I couldn't have made it through without him.  He's a champ and is so supportive and he himself is blessed by witnessing the births of his children.
 Here's the little-ish guy at one week old.  He already looks so different! I forget how fast they change at this stage.
Right before the birth of our little boy we were blessed to have completed a short sale on our home! I have been SO excited to post about this, but didn't want to write anything until the deal was done.  We now live in a great neighborhood a few miles away and love where we are at, renting and feeling quite peaceful about that.  Our kids have a giant back yard to play in, we have parking and storage, and no sex offenders living close by... WIN WIN WIN!

Lots to be thankful for!


ellen b. said...

Oh that is good news! Yippee for peace in the neighborhood. Your new little guy is so darn cute.

tiffany jeanne said...

BEAUTIFUL my friend! I am in so much awe of you! Wow! Congrats on the new addition....he looks to be just the sweetest guy! And double congrats on the short sale...we are going through the same things currently and it's crazy stressful.

Loves to you and the fam!