Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I cannot believe it.  The previous post was written about 10 days prior when all those milestones were current in describing my sweet baby- now they are a thing of the past.  Brooks now fully crawls, pulls up somewhat reliably, and I think I see the familiar white sheen of teeth trying to poke through on the top gums.  The other day at dinner, he picked up his sippy cup with both hands to swig some water.  Marcus frowned at me bittersweetly.

We are officially in the baby vortex.  The first few months of life creep by and some days feel so long.  And then sitting up and solid food happens and, suddenly, we're at the top of the roller coaster, the clicking of the track building frantically.   But right before the plunge, you can see things.  I can see farther away, there's a view, in fact.  My hormones are calming and I have perspective.  I take note from where I've come and can see with joy where I am heading.  It's all very beautiful and humbling.

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tiffany jeanne said...

babyhood is but just a blink, huh? love you, dear one! xo