Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Chillin' Spokangeles

Well Guillotine was quite fun, but much more so was the new game we learned, Quiddler. Its like Scrabble meets Gin...very fun! Marcus even went down to Uncle's to buy it. Today we ate at Scalawag's with some gals I used to work with and looked at the falls at various vantage points. The river was rushing with a fury I've never seen before. I think Bradie summed it up from her stroller when she said, "whoa!"

It's been a pretty easy, relaxing vaca so far. Right now I am on my second Michael J. Fox movie of the day, Back to the Future II. The folks have an HDTV, a wireless hotspot for a house and a laptop always charged up for use, so Marcus is in "nerdary" heaven. They also have boundless grandparent energy to play with my daughter who goes and goes and goes. I actually feel pretty good at the end of the day and that has been a blessing.


Tiffany Jeanne said...

You're gonna have to teach me these games I've never heard of. Love ya! TjN

ellen b said...

Glad you're having a relaxing time. Missed you at moms group yesterday.