Saturday, April 7, 2007

I am diverse, and not just a pretty face

Here are some sweet vacation shots (except for the bike helmet, that was before). As you can tell Bradie had a fabulous time being doted on by her Grandma and Grandpa. She even got Grandma to go down the slide with her in the park! Work it, Bradie!

I am into doing a lot of "stinker face" right now. Sometimes it happens when I am critically thinking about the arrangement of shapes and colors on my Baby Leap Pad. Other times I make this face while whining and barely saying the word "no".

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Tiffany Jeanne said...

Bradie has some of the most hilarious facial expressions I've ever seen on a child her age. She is so expressive! Love the new look of your blog. THanks for sharing the pics, too. Happy Easter!

Love TjN