Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sense and Sensibility- a reviewette by Sara

I just finished Sense and Sensibility. When I told Deena I had not seen this movie, she clutched her chest and gasped, while grabbing it from her DVD library. She then set it on top of the Veggie Tales I was borrowing.

By the very near end of this film, I was clutching my own chest. I found I was instantly wooed by the sing-song proper English and the beautiful countrysides, as well as the stories of Ms. Dashwood and her impassioned sister Marianne. It spoke to much of my little girl heart I apparently forgot about as I sniffed back tears throughout. Now this is romantic stuff! I'll admit, I REALLY wanted Edward to grab Elinor and totally make out with her, but that sort of impropriety would ruin the tone. Don't worry, I told myself, I am sure that those two had some steamy interactions (after their vows of course!) that would make the cast of Grey's Anatomy blush...but alas I regress to the sort of depravity that would find me caste into "penniless" thought society :)

What a great movie! Can't wait to start the epic Pride and Prejudice...maybe someday I'll actually read these books *blushing* I know I know! A travesty! I will read them...if only I knew someone that would lend me a copy ;)

It was fun to see Hugh Laurie (House) and Mr. Snipes as well. Laurie got a fist pump in the air while I lay on the couch, and the Colonel got an excited hiss, "Sssnipes!" :)

Oh and Marcus finally has a REAL blog! I will update the link as soon as I post this. Enjoy!