Monday, May 28, 2007

Pride and Prejudice

*sigh* And that is all. That would be enough. A cliche for you this evening would be "hook, line and sinker". What a wonderful movie. I was totally engaged for all five hours. Yes, five hours! Not that you can really compare them, but this blew Sense & Sensibility clean out of the water.

I intend to force Bradie to watch this movie every year starting at age 10, or upon the onset of puberty :)

The most striking thing to me was this: grace. Now forgive my ignorance, I haven't studied the original literary work, but the grace in the face of a rigid, unforgiving social climate is breathtaking. And romantic.

Okay, John Eldridge, you win. All your mumbo jumbo about the Great Story and the Lover and the Arrows... well its not mumbo jumbo. True love IS real. God is able to inspire His children to great lengths to showcase Himself. To give up oneself, aware of the cost and dangers, to lay down one's very life so that others may have

Forgive my waxing (as Marcus' I'm sure will remind me) but I cannot help it. And now I join the ranks of my sweet friend Deena and clutch my own chest and sigh.

Cheers! (hey I am a little English, so its not a stretch)


marcus said...

I am confused; why are you waxing and clutching your chest while I am away? Is this some type ritual that I am unaware of?

Postscript: Is Frank okay with your waxing and clutching?

Post Postscript: I love you and I am glad that you enjoyed the movie. God's grace is sufficent and sometimes I find it hard to extend grace--ironic.

Post Post Postscript: Is my comforter getting lonely? Also what about the thing that keeps me warm at night? (I should stop, this could go on forever!)

ellen b said...

Katie and Ellen are sighing with you. We've had many a daughter and mommy hour sighing over this great production! So glad you have joined our ranks...

Bridget Beth said...

And so have all the women in my family, too!