Tuesday, June 26, 2007

random update

After I laid Bradie down for the night, I needed a cup of hot cocoa. Since there was none in the house I made some from scratch like this:

2 TBSP of cocoa powder
2 TBSP of Sugar
A dash of salt
1 cup of milk nuked until hot (maybe 1 and 1/4 cup for chocolate wussies)
stir in gradually to the mixed dry ingredients
1/4 tsp of vanilla stirred in

DELICIOUS! It was very rich and chocolatey, so much so that I had to "chase" it with a little glass of plain milk for fear it might put hair on my chest. So much better than the stuff out of the can that always tastes kinda plastic-y to me.

Guess where I found it? On the cocoa box. Sometimes little gems are waiting there for a million years, for you to slow down and do something different...right in front of your eyes the whole time, is, I believe, how the cliche ends.

Ah lets see...what else... if you are not my mom you can quit reading now if you want. :) I am going to Spokane tomorrow, I bought two pairs of real cute shorts at Tarjmehal:) And I also bought a new bathing suit at Macy's. My first "real" suit since before my wedding, which is nearing its 5th anniversary. It's pretty and simple and covers enough, which is actually HARD to find these days. Its either grandma suits (no offense to my elder readers!) or triangle-topped bikinis. I admit I tried on one of those magic jobs, the kind that boasts that you lose ten pounds in ten seconds. It was fairly cute so I thought WTH and tried it on. I was literally SWEATING! It was liking trying to cram myself into a garden hose. Reminiscent for sure of Ross trying to get his leather pants back on in the bathroom (one of my all-time fave TV moments, next Niles Crane ironing his pants-you know, Mom!) And, like all things control top, it pushed whatever wouldn't fit in the suit, out all the other openings. I was making muffin top look downright sexy. Magic my foot!

Phew! Not sure where that tirade came from, but there you go.

Brad Van Dyne is good people. He took our little dogshow to Spokane as a favor to me. Not only was he instrumental in encouraging my relationship with Marcus in its embryonic stages, but he's shown many other kindnesses to me and mine. We love Brad. Especially Marcus, who says he's an excellent cuddler.

And here's our divine Ms. B... because there's no shame in being a proud mama!

*I did it Marcus! I did it! I posted a pic without my training wheels that was Picasa! It sucks trying to navigate the window, maybe you can help me see it with applefetisheyes when you get back! Miss you like Ed :)


Tiffany Jeanne said...

Hold on a sec, you don't use Picassa now? WTH? There's other ways of posting pics???? Anyway, Ms.B is looking adorable, as always. xoxo, tjn

ellen b said...

Nice photo job. I love your name for tarzhaye!

Cara Grube :) said...

Sara, Bradie is so freakin' cute I can't stand it! Her little face just makes me smile Ü And way to go on the cocoa...my hubby was just telling me the other day that it's weird for me to want hot cocoa in the summertime! I'll have to try your recipe, and tell him I'm not the only "weirdo!"

Cara Ü

MarknLori said...

Can we say we love Brad too!!

A Muffin Named Stud said...

That Brad is one sexy dude. You are lucky to know him.

sara said...

Wow this is turning into a bradisawesome.coolguy.com.

So Muffin named Stud...are you actually going to blog? Between your email correspondence skills AND your anecdotes from years as a motivational speaker, I think you'd have some good material :)

sara said...

tiffa-no picasa for apples :( bummer too cuz its so easy.

Cara-Thanks! Her little face makes me smile bunches too! :)

Tiffany Jeanne said...

I was just checking to see if you had updated today and glanced at the hot coco recipe...now i'm craving it...but I don't have any cocoa. bummer. you gotta make that for me the next time i come to see you and little ms. b.