Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pride and Prejudice 2005 and Soup

What can I say? I am addicted to this story. My sweet sister-in-law sent a copy of the book home with Marcus- THANK YOU CAREN! I've already started reading it. LOVE it!

Marcus is such a stud. He actually watched this with me last night.* While I did enjoy it, I am very glad I watched the BBC version first. Keira Knightly's performance IS great from an acting standpoint, but I don't think she captured all the loveliness and confidence that is Austen's Lizzie... maybe I should stop the comparisons now so I don't find myself in a pointless hole. They are different films.

However, Marcus, as a fairly unattached male, was left a little wanting at the end of the film. It leaves out quite a bit and doesn't seem to draw enough drama from the rectifying actions of Mr. Darcy, which to me makes this story so full of beauty and grace.

Deena said that if you really love the first Elizabeth it might be hard to transition to loving the character Knightly so deftly portrayed. For me, this was definitely true.

Have I mentioned that I love my husband? Not only did he sit through this with me, he's even willing to watch the original! I guess I'll watch it with him. It will be a sacrifice, but I'm all about taking one for the team ;)

On that note, it is good to be a family again. Bradie said "Dada" and gave Marcus a hug at the airport. I made lentil soup tonight, which turned out great and paired beautifully with the Buzzsaw Brown, courtesy of the craftsmen at the Deschutes Brewery. While I washed the dishes, Bradie nestled in daddy's lap looking at some pictures that we transferred to our new computer. Ahh, normalcy. Thank you to all who have prayed for us during these trying times. Continue to keep Marcus in your prayers as he comes to terms with all that has occurred and will occur in the adjustment back to regular routine.


Bridget Beth said...

Beau has watched the long one with me 3 times. He loves it and I'm sure Marcus will, too. Even if you don't enjoy the romance there's still plenty of humor.

Oh and I read the book and like the BBC version WAY better. It's way more true to Jane Austen. And there is something wrong with Kiera Knightly's mouth! ...Not that that should make me prejudiced....or pride..ful.

Enjoy your husband!

ellen b said...

yumm lentil soup, yum good beer. Oh and throw in Jane Austen what could be better! this is where I need to say JESUS...but he's with us while we eat, drink and watch so it's even lovlier!

Tiffany Jeanne said...

Glad you're back to family life too. And, your hair looks great in your profile. :)

xoxo, tiffa