Sunday, June 10, 2007


for my hour long walk ALONE!
(with the iheartjesus playlist on the Nano)

for a two hour nap for the B-dogg

for fruit punch Gatorade and Brita water

for CHURCH (been three weeks! shew)

for the grace given me by my husband
whom I was less than kind to this morn

for Jane Austen writing Pride and Prejudice (on page 209)

for sunshine and breeziness

for I am loved more wholly and without reservation
by my Creator than I can fathom

"'s a good day" -Pam Beesley


ellen b said...

hallelujah with yah!

Tiffany Jeanne said...

Hey, tell Marcus that I have also thought about what it'd be like if you were to take all the boats out of all the oceans at once. I thought it was so random, but glad to know others have shared that same thought. :)

xoxo, tiffa

Anonymous said...

Sara, I,ve been reading Tiffs Blog and discovered yours, so now i have been reading yours and loving it. Its fun to catch up on your life and how your doing!! Can you believe i am going to be a grammy!! Hope all is well! Love Ludy

sara said...

Congrats to you, Ludy, as well! I hear being a grammy is the BEST.