Thursday, June 14, 2007

blog premier de la mini

Yes, I am blogging from an Apple. A macintosh if you will. And yes, I do feel very hip and with it. Are these words oozing cool or what?

nope just same old me. It is nice to be on a real keyboard again, although my thumb is behaving like ones foot pushing an imaginary clutch on an automatic. Another metaphor would be that it is rooting for the touch pad like a newborn for a breast.

Speaking of newborns, I had the privilege yesterday of holding my friend Amber's three day old son, Charlie. Charlie clucked and burped and stretched and passed out in my arms. What a neat feeling it is! I was thinking to myself : "I still got it!" It was encouraging to me after the past few days of tears and misunderstanding between Bradie and I.

She is struggling right now...her words are coming along like gangbusters, but that little mind and its big wants are still several paces ahead. Add a cold and some supsicious hand-in-mouth activity and you have the perfect store. Yesterday I put on the Veggie Tales for her and when I checked on her she had her index finger and thumb in a whistle-like postion. Except they were resting on what appeared to be the last spaces behind her molars...her two year molars! I don't feel anything yet, but I can't help but thinking those suckers are just moving around and getting set to rear their purely white heads.

So its gotta be the teeth right? What am I going to do in 10 years when she's all funky and hormonal? Teething's been my go-to excuse for her whole life so far. I will surely be at a loss then.

One hour left of round two (round one for Marcus!) of the BBC Pride and Prejudice. He is enjoying it so far. Its been fun to have someone enjoy/cringe with me at the antics of Mr. Collins. He's like Michael Scott during the summer hiatus :) Seriously though, I am inspired to write an essay or poem about how they have Mr. Darcy always getting wet somehow in the film. On the second viewing, I found his bath, his face washing and his full on swim in the pond highly symbolic...I will extrapolate no further on the subject and will leave those who care to expound to their own designs. May the thought of a soaking Mr. Darcy vex you in the kindest way.

Only one more hour and I promise I will move on with my life. Thanks for reading this randomly long and pictureless blog. I will post some pics when Marcus gets all the specs realigned on the rotary gerter.


Bridget Beth said...

Its his baptism.

Or a way to make him look REALLY sexy.

Take your pick.

ellen b said...

You deep thinkers show me how simple minded I am! :)
Hey I'm interested in talking details with you on your Mac. I'm having issues and dear is threatening to get me a Mac...

sara said...

I thought that too Bridget BUT isn't a baptism a one time deal? I think the last one might be classified as one, but the first two? The first of him taking a bath and seeing Elizabeth playing with a dog down below his window, seems like the moment he really lets her in due to his literal AND figurative nudity.

The second of him washing his face due to sweating and probably tearing during his letter writing speaks to me that he is avoiding his feelings, trying to wipe them away.

And of course the "baptism" in the pond, he gives her up, lets go, finds peace within himself. And once cleaned and free, he is then available to truly love her.

I can't believe I left this long of a comment on my own blog! I feel like a nerd now!


Tiffany Jeanne said...

What's a rotary gerter in relation to pictures on a computer??? I thought it was just a funny line from the classic, Tommy Boy...You'll have to fill me in. Hope you're doing well...good luck with the teeth. Hey, 7 more days and we get to find out what sex our Large Onion is. yay!


deena said...

sara, you've been tagged...check out the rules on ellen's blog...