Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Inland Eating

So I am going to punk out on South Snoho and go with some good Spokane eateries (since Deena stole Tub's and all):

Clinkerdagger: yummo for steaks and seafood and much more. Pricey but worth it.

Sawtooth Grill: juicy messy burgers in a field and stream atmosphere. No scary birds staring you down here. I hear, they have some good seafood items here too...I think many places in Spokane try too hard to compensate for their inlandness.

The Staggering Ox: this little Veradale gem serves sandwiches in round, hollowed-out tubes of bread. The bottom is closed to secure all of their tasty dressings for a sumptuous last bite.

Europa: I confess I have never been there, but my friend Maggie swears by it. And I sorta swear by Maggie. I think we talked about her favorite tortelini dish for like a half an hour. I WILL go to Europa someday! This restaurant also is connected with the Hotel Lusso which Lori tells me is a fun romantic place.

Rocky Rococo's: You don't really know Marcus if you haven't heard about Rocky's. They serve a nice deep dish pizza. Best after an afternoon of sweaty bodies at Hoopfest. (no I do not work for the Spokane Chamber of Commerce)

There are others! What a hard tag! Thanks Deena for tagging me. Oh and I must mention Zips: best freaking tartar sauce ever!

*also for the soon to be T-towners... you must check out Harbor Lights on Ruston. My cousin is a chef there! Watch out for the cocktails, though, apparently one jigger equals two. Also avoid The RAM and The Swiss lest you want to attend my high school reunion LOL for you TJ*

**I tried so hard to get pictures...I am special and am not able to yet **


ellen b said...

Are you making up those names? :)

sara said...

You'd think so, huh Ellen? :)