Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy 8th Month beaublueeyes!

Here is the little scamp looking so sweet...I am having a hard time catching action shots of him sticking his hands in the VCR, finding cords to shake and chew on beneath the computer, and attempting to stand because every time I bust out the camera he'll PANT with excitement and crawl towards me.  If you would like to be Beau's BFF just lay on the floor and pull out your cell phone.  He'll approach you like a hungry car salesman.

Some stats for you from the boy himself:

I love to be carried close against your chest, only to "kamikaze" out of your arms a second later!

I have metatarsus adductus (think pidgeon toes)  and currently spend 9-12 hours a night in a Dennis Brown bar. Sweet...NOT! No actually I have been a very good boy and sleep pretty darn well considering...

I have three teeth!

I WILL walk at nine months unless you send me $100,000 in cash (unmarked bills) and a case of biter biscuits.  If you love my mother you will honor these requests.

I bump my head a LOT right now as I am trying so hard to stand next all this big stuff they got lying around.  My favorite thing is to watch mom's face as I attempt standing in the bath tub.

And, my big sister is the COOLEST! :)
Not a Nerd falls that she does not know about... teehee I love Bible jokes!
We did some Trunk or Treating at fun! 


Christy said...

8 months??? really???
we have to start planning his birthday party!!
don't worry...I will help you

I'm Erin Leigh said...

You're kids are so darn cute!!!

The Wisers said...

Oh how these little ones change our lives!!!!! Beau is absolutely handsome and Brady is beautiful!

Cara Grube :) said...

Bradie is a girl after my own heart...I love Nerds!

Happy 8 months old Beau! He is precious :)