Saturday, October 24, 2009

I never said I'd be Posty Posterson or anything

Sorry to anyone who has been waiting with bait breath for me to post (imagine, breath that smells like...bait) Well, now you may move on with your lives! Isn't my witty sarcasm refreshing on this Saturday night? Thought so...

This guy is getting big! All at once bigger, naughtier, lovelier and more fun. I still want to suck his cheeks off because he is just too cute for his own good. Sometimes I think Beau literally stinks. Then I realize his little face simply smells like my own spit. Can a kid OD on kisses?
Here we are for Bradie's first field trip with her preschool to the pumpkin farm.

And here is my beautiful girl. This is the smile she gives when she is fully in the moment of enjoying herself. It is splendidly candid. She looks this way when I tickle her neck or make jokes that surprise her. She is just starting to realize that her mother appreciates a good funny. Oh have no idea!

What else? Oh crap! Bradie had a birthday don't ya know... she's four now. She keeps asking and insinuating that she's almost five. Maybe I'll post some birthday pics. We roll kinda simple on the birthday scene stuff... we did cake, a few presents, spent a fabulous weekend with cousins and grandparents. Next year we'll rent the Space Needle or something to make up for my lack of desire to plan a kid party...can you smell my mommy guilt? ;)

Last night we went as a family to watch the Meadowdale Mavericks play some football. A covered stadium praise the Lord and we went to DQ afterwards for a treat. Beau consumed his first ice cream cone and his intensity at eating it made my heart ache with what I call mommy consumption. Sometimes when I catch my kids in a moment worth noting, it makes my heart ache and feel very heavy in my chest whilst tears of joy start to well in my eyes... it's one of my favorite parts of this whole life I find myself living. A life I didn't plan and could not have forseen...

Thank you God.


ellen b. said...

Sheesh you look away for a minute and they grow up on ya!!

I'm Erin Leigh said...

Thanks for the post.. I had bait breath :) Sara... You're such a great writer. I absolutely loved your last paragraph it made my eyes tear... I know exactly what you're talking about. Maybe next time you and Tiff hang out I can tag along. Thanks for the update... Your family IS BEAUTIFUL!