Wednesday, October 28, 2009

yo mom

So I've spent a few Wednesdays this fall playing in a kickball league and tonight was the final hurrah as we played the #1 seed and thus lost.


I assisted a TRIPLE play! Okay so I am no good at kickball. Eye/foot coordination is not my, uh, gifting??? Anyway, I can play what's a centerfielder to do when a sandy, wet kickball flies her way? She assumes serve receive and passes (read: bumps) the ball to the shortstop! Who tags a runner and then throws it to second or something...I missed it because I was incapacitated with laughter and shock.

To our credit our little 8th seed team made a little run and produced some offense... it was not a blow out! Which is almost like a victory for The Lagers:-)

All this to say, this post and that play was dedicated to my mom who did have an actual triple play once at shortstop. She was like the shiz at softball in her day.

I love you dearly, Mom.


I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

fantastic! i knew all those ready position drills would come in handy someday... :)

i love your mom too. :)

Maggie said...

I am so proud of you I could cry...with laughter at the thought of you passing a kickball...classic...wish I had been wish I had been the shortstop on the team with I'm really crying

I'm Erin Leigh said...

Way to go. You and your mom!