Tuesday, November 3, 2009

so long baby mullet

With most milestones, I come to a place where I make like Nike and "just do it". I hem and haw and feel sentimental and then, I'm just DONE. Whoa, I never really pieced that together like that before...anyway, Beau did well and kinda zoned out for his first stint in the big chair. It was time too as his locks are fuzzy most of the time. He is just so handsome now.
The title of this photo is ghettoflections :-) The high-voltage power pole near my house looks down right poetic reflected in a mud puddle surrounded by plastic litter.

Today I did some 30 day Shred with Bradie, who did practically the whole thing! During a shadow boxing sequence, Bradie simply remarks "...her eyebrows." Yes, Bradie I would not want to be on the business end of Jillian's eyebrows.

Something new: drawing. Bradie is drawing, drawing, drawing with markers! She also is working really hard at her letters and can write her name! I'll try and take picture of one of the many masterpieces lying around here. This brings up a question now:

What do I do with all these?!


ellen b. said...

Ahh what a handsome little boy!
You are cracking me up with your ghettoflections!!

I'm Erin Leigh said...

Hey... Let's definitely get together. I have every mon, tues, and wed off. You me and Tiffany! My house sounds good! It's always a mess... but in good company... who cares!

Christy said...

I keep a notebook with Kyle's artwork. I also mail them to auntie's in far away lands and MiMi and PaPa so they can hang them proudly on thier fridge. Once in a while...you have to "part" with the masterpieces and donate them to the recycle bin :)

Anonymous said...

I love Beau's hair...so cute! As for the masterpieces we have a limited number of places to display. Anything that I totally love and don't want to part with after it is done being displayed I take a digital picture of. Thinking a little snapfish book full of artwork for each year would be a cool collection to start, or would make fabulous gifts for grandparents.