Sunday, June 27, 2010


You may thank my mother for this post. It was her flack that motivated me to do this :)

Again, I feel that so much has been going on this month and, here it is, almost over! I cannot do it much justice so I will resort to bullet points

- finished PRIDE training- woohoo

- made it through the vortex that is June basketball

-visited the Lynch clan, in Spokane, man I am a fan of that Lynch clan in Spokane! (what now Suess!?)

- completed Equip 201, which is our agency's after PRIDE class. I still don't know the folks in that class real well, but man it is encouraging and motivating to see the SAME faces (read: no one is chickening out!)

What now? Gee thanks for asking... now we have homework and lots of things to do and think about. CPR certifications, blood borne pathogens certifications, letters of reference, life stories to tell (twice, by the way), family profile books to make.

I need to get stamps and a fresh ream of paper and a clue. Target, no?

A blessing for sure will be a Beth Moore study I am doing with the ladies. I will need an anchor for my fool heart during all this.

Also I am trying to run again this summer. So far so good! I ran up Highway 9 from Lundeen today. Think I caught a semi draft here and there...probably not but I did it. Baby steps.

Baby steps are the story of my life right now. Just do the one thing you know you are supposed to do. Oswald Chambers reminds me to simplify and just keep obeying one day at a time.


tiffany jeanne said...

thanks for the update, dear friend! I think of you often and miss you all the time. Oh, and Target doesn't sell postage stamps...just an FYI. :)

Should we try and get together soon?

♥ Erin Leigh ♥ said...

can i get together with yuns?!? I might have to do a bullet point update soon too.

sara said...

Erin... yes please :)