Saturday, July 3, 2010

easy living

my opinion is that these two are just too dang cute!
Bradie and I were having tea time with our reading lesson a few weeks ago... might have to do that again soon. Tea, not the reading lesson. Most days she asks to do her lesson and inquires "is there a new sound today?" It's SO cool to see her excited to learn!
Okay, so Beau spends at least an hour a day parking his toy cars on his overturned Lightning McQueen chair. Also he spends most of his time in diaper only.
Soaking up some vitamin D in Spokane!
Giant sunflowers are super fun! See the mini variety right next door :)


Mary-Jane said...

Has it really been so long since we saw them. Stop watering them, they are growing too fast. Love you,

ellen b. said...

They are getting so big! Super cute!!

Christy said...

i like beau's pink towel...kyle would approve :)