Friday, August 31, 2012

summer wanes...

It is always with a wistful bittersweetness that I say goodbye to summer.  This has been a nice summer too! Here's one of the small group kiddos in the hot tub at "camano vuhcation" as Bradie says it.  This is roughly half the children (there are 11 now! :) and they are getting so big.  We all look at one another and say "How will we fit anywhere together in 10 years? five?!"  Who knows, but it's still lots of fun!
 I was trying to reprise a precious wedding photo that we have of Mark and Marcus taken 10 years ago... smart alecs!
 Bradie has taken to making funny faces in MOST pictures.  Her father is not pleased. However, he may be pleased if she makes these faces* when she's sixteen!
 Self-taken of me and my good buddy Christy.
 Oh Brooks.  You are cute. You need to sleep for longer than 35 minutes during the day. It would increase your cuteness severalfold.

*The kids are away with daddy, Brooks is waking infamously after only thirty minutes (I am not exaggerating!), and I am blogging with Ellen on in the background.  There was a commercial for The Voice and I typed voices instead of faces... ever do that?  I don't have to tell you that I was a poor note taker in school!

That's all, I think.

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tiffany jeanne said...

always fun to read what you're up to. your posts ALWAYS make me smile...some of it has to do with that adorable baby you had. what a contagious smile. :) Love you my dear friend!