Thursday, September 13, 2012

goings on

Gotta have one of these. This picture makes me look like a "fun" mom.  Really they ask all the time if they can get in Brooks' crib and most of the time I sneer and say "No!" The one time I said yes we had to grab the camera, of course.
Some by the front door pics of Bradie's first day of first grade.  Front door first day photo is a tradition in my family.  My mom even called to make sure we do it :) First grade?! Crazy. My children have some of the funniest expressions.  You saw some of Bradie's in the last post and now some of Beau's.

 Lining up, ready to GO!

 Here's one of Beau's last first day of preschool.  Not sure how that is possible either that my little buddy is four and a half.

I will roll over! I will!  When I feel like it.

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ellen b. said...

Fun photos Sara! I love 1st day of school photos. 1st grade...yikes!