Sunday, September 16, 2012

the merri-middle-fielder

Dear boy. Puppy tails and snails for sure. Give him tools- real ones and he is happy.  I once found him with his scooter perched on Marcus' jack stands-"me fixin' my scooter!"  I know that you will not accept your high school diploma and exclaim "me did it!" but sometimes it feels like you will.  Beau, you are in danger of me not letting you grow up. I am tempted to keep my little buddy boy forever little.  So I will kiss your face lots even though you scream, because someday you'll have a beard.  And maybe even a wife.  She may frown upon that.  I guess I should start praying for her.


Mary-Jane Arnold said...

So much like his daddy and so not like his daddy. I am glad his daddy, beard and all has you to give him kisses now. And I will probably embarass Beau with kisses long past when he wants them from Grandma

tiffany jeanne said...

I ask Jax every single day if he would NEVER grow whiskers on that soft face of his. He always tells me he will, just like daddy. :) What a darling post of a cute little dude!XO

Maggie said...

Aaahhhhh. Love the title of this. It is a crime that little boys grow up. It is hard for me to imagine our boys with beards.